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What is the role of the Show Jumping Official ?

Over the years, the top end of the sport has evolved into the highly professional activity of today.

Riders train to improve their skills and those of their horses all year round in preparation for key events. Top competition horses travel all over the world competing in all conditions and all seasons. Grooms travel with them with unfailing dedication, making often unrecognized personal sacrifices.

Organizing Committees stage competitions in both traditional and commercially innovative venues.

At lower levels, amateurs invest passion, time and money to participate in their preferred discipline.

All categories of riders expect and deserve the best from those that are appointed to build the courses they jump, to oversee the stables and practice arenas and to judge their performance in the competition arena.

fei24The goal of the ISJC is to bring together all active FEI Show Jumping Officials, thereby creating a comprehensive and worldwide network well-prepared to meet the challenges of today's sport.

With representatives from more than 50 nations, the ISJC offers its members the opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences and improve their knowledge of equestrian sport in general and Show Jumping in particular, thereby supplying them with the tools to perform their various roles with the professionalism that all the amateur and professional players in our sport expect and deserve.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the ISJC!